Industrial cleaning system application

The Bommach industrial cleaning system is mainly used in food processing workshops, including baking, aquatic products, slaughtering and dressing, medical and other workshops. The main function is to complete the cleaning and disinfection of the hands of personnel entering the workshop and the cleaning and disinfection of water boots.
In the traditional workshop changing system, a separate hand washing pool is used, and the water boots are washed with a traditional pool. The main problem is that effective measures cannot be used to ensure that personnel must operate according to all procedures. Personnel bring bacteria or contaminants into the workshop, thereby affecting food safety.
The process management system adopted by the Bommach industrial cleaning system adopts monitoring measures at each step to ensure that personnel complete the specified cleaning and disinfection procedures in accordance with the specified process and specified time. If the process is not completed, the final access control system will not be entered.
The Bommach industrial cleaning system adopts one-stop equipment, with intensive functions, and the equipment takes up less space, which can save more space for us.
The Bommach industrial cleaning station can modularize the assembly equipment according to different areas and different workshops, and is more suitable for different scenarios.

Post time: May-18-2022