Product application

  • Pork dividing line

    To cut pork, you must first understand the meat structure and shape of the pig, and know the difference in meat quality and the way to use the knife. The structural division of cut meat includes 5 main parts: ribs, front legs, hind legs, streaky pork, and tenderloin.    
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  • How should food factories choose a suitable boot washing machine

    In the food processing industry, the boot washing machine is one of the important equipment to ensure food safety and hygiene. Choosing a suitable boot washing machine is crucial for food factories. The following is a guide on purchasing a boot washing machine for food plants, hoping to help you ...
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    It’s no secret that drainage systems play an important role in meat processing plants, and when it comes to drainage systems for meat processing facilities, there are many factors to consider to ensure you have the right system. First and foremost, drainage systems must meet strict guidelines est...
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  • slaughter line

    BOMMACH provides overall solutions for slaughtering, deboning and trimming of pigs, cattle, sheep and poultry according to customer needs that are not provided, aiming to meet the different needs of different customers.  BOMMch focuses on the automatic design of slaughtering trimming and cutting ...
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  • Industrial cleaning system application

    The Bommach industrial cleaning system is mainly used in food processing workshops, including baking, aquatic products, slaughtering and dressing, medical and other workshops. The main function is to complete the cleaning and disinfection of the hands of personnel entering the workshop and the cl...
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