Potato processing line

Potatoes are a vegetable eaten all over the world with different uses and processing is very important because if the production process is not handled properly, the quality of the product will decrease.

 Bommach can develop tailor-made solutions for customers and is willing to listen and understand customers’ wishes, which makes our cooperation process more harmonious.

 The Bommach potato line consists of several segments in a larger whole, each with its own function. The number of links in the Bommach processing line depends on the customer, and we tailor it according to different production needs and customer needs.

 The key aspects of the Bomamch potato production line include:

 1. Potato cleaning and peeling system: Because each customer has different needs and output, we use different potato cleaning and peeling equipment in the process of potato processing. For kitchens and small processing plants, we use 9 rollers This kind of equipment is easy to operate, and the production capacity can match the relatively small production lines; for large production lines, we use a large continuous cleaning and peeling machine, which has high output, high degree of automation, and can better meet the needs of large throughput. production needs.

 2. Potato cutting equipment: We use two-dimensional and three-dimensional cutting equipment, and use different equipment configurations according to different cutting quantities to match the operation of the entire production line.

 3. Two cleaning functions for potatoes, because potatoes contain a lot of starch, starch and impurities must be removed during the cleaning process, so we choose two cleanings.

 The final product of Bommach naturally determines the construction method of the potato processing line. We have a complete set of production line equipment for potato processing, but all equipment configurations must be reasonably adjusted according to customer needs in order to achieve the best solution, so we are in the communication process. For use, it is necessary to identify the customer’s wishes and needs, and then cooperate with the engineering and R&D departments to formulate the best processing solution.

Post time: May-18-2022