Salad production line application

Bomaach salad production line and leafy vegetable processing production line follow the strictest quality standards to ensure the quality of production and processing, so that customers can get the cleanest and safest ready-to-eat green vegetables, the entire production line is equipped with the most efficient vegetable processing equipment, including from cutting , washing, drying, sorting and packaging is a link that can process green vegetables including lettuce, cabbage, spinach, celery, etc.

 The Bommach salad production line is customized according to the production needs of customers. The output is from 300KG/hour to 3000KG/hour. We can provide you with a small vegetable processing workshop, and can also provide you with expansion space to obtain greater production efficiency. The purpose is to provide customers with different optional and fully customized automation equipment and comprehensive solutions.

 We use the Bommach salad production line for richer experience. We have obtained more practical experience through the field operation of different customers, which allows us to provide customers with more feasible suggestions.

Post time: May-18-2022